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We all have difficult days and face hard times. There are things we can do to help us bounce back. Explore these free online resources to help build your healthiest self and manage stress for you and your family.

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Happiness & Gratitude

Feeling gratitude can help boost your happiness, social connectedness and wellbeing. Try some of these tips to cultivate gratitude in your everyday life:

"An Experiment in Gratitude" Video

Watch “An Experiment in Gratitude” from The Science of Happiness podcast to learn about  gratitude and happiness.

Gratitude Letter

Write a letter expressing thanks. Feeling gratitude can improve your health and happiness.

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Three Good Things

A way to tune into the positive events in your life by writing down three good things.

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Mental Subtraction of Positive Events

A skill to learn how to appreciate what you have by imagining your life without it.

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Healthiest Self

Each person’s “healthiest self” is different. Explore these resources to improve your wellbeing in ways that best fit your needs and everyday life:

Tips for Self-Care During COVID-19

During times of change and uncertainty, it is important to incorporate self-care.

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The Daily Mental Health Journal

A journaling tool to help you develop self-awareness and stress-resilience.

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The Best Possible Self Exercise

Use this approach to write down the positive changes you’d like to see happen.

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Nourishing Activities Inspiration

A list of health-promoting activities you can do to improve your mental wellbeing.

Your Healthiest Self: Wellness Toolkits

Use these wellness toolkits to find ways to improve your wellbeing in any area you’d like.

Mindfulness Apps

Mobile apps can provide valuable support for managing stress and anxiety. The apps here offer free content that doesn’t expire. The Breathe and Insight Timer apps were independently reviewed on One Mind’s PsyberGuide.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Activities to overcome everyday challenges and stress for children 2-5 years old.

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Insight Timer

Meditation and emotional wellbeing activities for teens, adults, and children with parental guidance.

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UCLA Mindfulness App

Practice mindfulness anywhere with guided audio mediations and informative videos. Available in a number of languages too.

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When Unhappy Happens

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty, distress or trouble. If you are in an emergency situation and need immediate help, contact 911.

“Know the Signs” Video

Video provided from CalMHSA and MHSA (Proposition 63).

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress, and prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

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Teen Line

Highly trained teen listeners provide support, resources and hope to any teen who is struggling.

Available 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. Off hours covered by the Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Trevor LifeLine for LGBTIQ Youth

If you are thinking about harming yourself — get immediate support. Connect to a crisis counselor 24/7, 365 days a year.




Text START to

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“Know the Signs” Video

Video provided from CalMHSA and MHSA (Proposition 63).

Korean Crisis Line

Free and confidential support for people in distress. Korean-speaking services available in the evenings from 4:30pm – 12:30am daily.

Crisis Text for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Free and confidential support for people in distress. This service is available 24/7.


Text HEARME to

Support for Parents

Explore these resources to help you and your child discover new ways to cope, reduce stress, and learn perspectives on ‘what makes a happy family’.

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Learn skills to help build your child’s resilience. Free for a limited time through the OC Health Care Agency.

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Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids during COVID-19 Playbook

Although created for the COVID-19 pandemic, these tips can help you and your child cope with a range of other stressors. Provided by the California Surgeon General.

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Mindful Breathing Videos

These videos provide a variety of breathing exercises for both you and your kids.

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“The Secret to a Happy Family” Video

What makes a happy family? Watch real parents, with their children, talk about what makes a happy family.

App for Students

This free interactive app can help you manage stress, increase resilience, offer support and provide a welcoming virtual community.

you and

Includes videos tailored for elementary, middle and high school students and comes with downloadable workbooks.

If you’re under age 13, be sure to ask your parent first.